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Changing lives through


Our model is simple.

The products we create are made to suit

And simplify your life while

Improving lives of others

is at the core of what we do

We are committed to developing great products that serve more than one purpose, through our collaboration with non for profit organisations every purchase helps to improve the lives of people in need.

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Easy Fill Bucket

Designed to meet the needs of those who have limited space in their household. The Easy Fill Bucket allows the user to fill the bucket from outside a basin via an extendible attachment that doubles as a dust pan that neatly sits on the side of the bucket.

2 Stage Can

A new can designed to make the draining process simpler and less messy. The can has a two step process that allows it to self drain and then open like a normal food can.

Upcoming Projects

Keep an eye out for upcoming and exciting new projects in development.

We are very excited to share it with you but for now we are keeping details secret.

Meet Ryan

Founder of the Innovation Shed

I always knew I was a creative soul, but never knew how my creativity would manifest. .
My entire life I have deconstructed stuff, I have always puzzled over how things are made, how things work and how things can be improved.

It wasn't until I moved from South Africa to Australia and started working on one of our first products that I discovered an outlet for my creative expression.

And so began my relentless pursuit of efficiency and functionality in all things.

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